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RENO is a modified MIPS R10000 register renamer that uses map-table "short-circuiting" to implement dynamic versions of several well-known static optimizations: move elimination, common subexpression elimination, register allocation, and constant folding. Because it implements these optimizations dynamically, RENO can apply optimizations in certain(More)
Pre-execution removes the microarchitectural latency of "problem" loads from a programýs critical path by redundantly executing copies of their computations in parallel with the main program. There have been several proposed pre-execution systems, a quantitative framework (PTHSEL) for analytical pre-execution thread (p-thread) selection, and even a(More)
For Sabine Schlippe-Weinberger, who always believed in me, and for Lorenz Weinberger, who taught me scientific thinking. iii Acknowledgements I would like to thank, first and foremost, my advisor Lawrence Saul. Without him, none of the work described in this thesis would have been remotely possible. Lawrence has always supported me with an unlimited source(More)
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