Vlad Krasnov

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This paper studies software optimization of elliptic-curve cryptography with $$256$$ 256 -bit prime fields. We propose a constant-time implementation of the NIST and SECG standardized curve P- $$256$$ 256 , that can be seamlessly integrated into OpenSSL. This accelerates Perfect Forward Secrecy TLS handshakes that use ECDSA and/or ECDHE, and can help in(More)
This paper describes an algorithm for accelerating the computations of Davies–Meyer based hash functions. It is based on parallelizing the computation of several message schedules for several message blocks of a given message. This parallelization, together with the proper use of vector processor instructions (SIMD) improves the overall algorithm’s(More)
A new implementation of the GHASH function has been recently committed to a Git version of OpenSSL, to speed up AES-GCM. We identified a bug in that implementation, and made sure it was quickly fixed before trickling into an official OpenSSL trunk. Here, we use this (already fixed) bug as a real example that demonstrates the fragility of AES-GCM's(More)
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