Vlad Acretoaie

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This paper presents a technique for semantic Web service composition inspired by the behavior of ants. The proposed technique combines a service composition graph model with the ant colony optimization met heuristic to select the optimal composition solution. In our approach, we have considered as selection criteria the QoS attributes of the services and(More)
The behavior of biological swarms offers us many clues regarding the design of efficient optimization methods applicable in various domains of computer science. Inspired by the behavior of ants, we propose in this paper two methods for semantic Web service discovery and composition. For efficiently discovering the services that will be involved in the(More)
In this paper we are interested in the timing analysis of mixed-criticality embedded real-time applications mapped on distributed heterogeneous architectures. Mixed-criticality tasks can be integrated onto the same architecture only if there is enough spatial and temporal separation among them. We consider that the separation is provided by partitioning,(More)
Model transformation is a key enabling technology of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). Existing model transformation languages are shaped by and for MDE practitioners—a user group with needs and capabilities which are not necessarily characteristic of modelers in general. Consequently, these languages are largely ill-equipped for adoption by end-user modelers(More)
Context: Modeling tools are traditionally delivered as mono-lithic desktop applications, optionally extended by plug-ins or special purpose central servers. This delivery model suffers from several drawbacks, ranging from poor scalability to difficult maintenance and the proliferation of " shelfware ". Objective: In this paper we investigate the conceptual(More)
This paper presents a framework for automatic service composition which combines a composition graph model with an Ant Colony Optimization metaheuristic to find the optimal composition solution. The composition graph model encodes all the possible composition solutions that satisfy a user request. The graph will be further used as the search space for the(More)