Vjaya Santhi

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Active Queue Management (AQM) can potentially reduce packet loss rate in the Internet. This is used by routers for control congestion, where packets are dropped before queues become full. In this paper, a new framework of AQM, namely NEWQUE active queue management algorithm supporting explicit congestion notification (ECN), is proposed. The objective of the(More)
In wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), the coverage hole is obtained due to random deployment of sensor nodes over the dense forest and terrain lands. Coverage holes are the fundamental issue which affects the quality of the WSNs. Only if the coverage holes are detected, they are patched using sensor nodes known as healing. It is not possible to find the(More)
─The world mortality rate has decreased but many women are still dying every day from pregnancy complications. Various technic resources are being used in an integrated manner in order to minimize even more the death of both mothers and babies. Pregnant women from rural areas can’t do their regular checkups at the early stage of pregnancy. But routine(More)
This paper proposes Fuzzy Quasi Decentralized Functional Observers (FQDFO) for Load Frequency Control of inter-connected power systems. From the literature, it is well noticed about the need of Functional Observers (FO’s) for power system applications. In past, conventional Functional Observers are used. Later, these conventional Functional Observers are(More)
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