Vjacheslav A. Petrov

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Primary pancreatic injury that occurs in acute pancreatitis leads to necrosis of pancreatic cells and is accompanied by the development systemic inflammatory response of varying severity. Systemic inflammatory response, in turn, can lead to the development of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome and death of patients. The release of damage-associated(More)
Pronounced clinical and morphological changes were found in the neurons and microcirculatory bed (MCB) vessels at the level of the medulla oblongata in experimental West Nile encephalitis (WNE). At the same time, the magnitude of changes in MCB vessels and nerve cells in the cores of the medulla oblongata correlated with the state of the surrounding(More)
BACKGROUND There is increasing interest in the microbiome of the hepatobiliary system. This study investigated the influence of infection with the fish-borne liver fluke, Opisthorchis felineus on the biliary microbiome of residents of the Tomsk region of western Siberia. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Samples of bile were provided by 56 study(More)
We studied the relationship between microcirculation parameters and functional status of HepaRG cells in spheroids and chose an optimal regimen within the physiologically permissible limits of mechanical impact for the cells that maintains the expression of functional genes of the liver.
Studies with the use of highly sensitive enzymatic sensor have shown the presence of various forms of nitrosyl iron complexes, including those undetectable by other methods, in living tissues. All these complexes are long-living compounds and constitute the major part of nitroso compounds in the blood, muscles, liquor, and amniotic fluid.
Studies with the use of a highly specific enzymatic sensor demonstrated that, contrary to the common opinion, normally nitrate is in fact not present in the most important physiological fluids. NO metabolites in the amniotic fluid and semen are mainly presented by NO donor compounds. Therefore, the intensity of NO synthesis can be evaluated by the total(More)
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