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Osteoporosis is a common, morbid and costly disorder characterized by deterioration in bone strength. Cigarette smoking is associated with reduced bone mineral density (BMD) and increased fracture risk. There are basic, clinical, and observational studies that define several of the underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms that predispose smokers to bone loss.(More)
Human chromosome 12 contains more than 1,400 coding genes and 487 loci that have been directly implicated in human disease. The q arm of chromosome 12 contains one of the largest blocks of linkage disequilibrium found in the human genome. Here we present the finished sequence of human chromosome 12, which has been finished to high quality and spans(More)
Biliary hamartomata are rare benign lesions. Herein, we report on a 48-year-old man with a history of end-stage liver disease secondary to alcoholic liver disease. The patient received an orthotropic liver transplant from a brain-death woman. At the time of recovery, there were multiple lesions in the transplanted liver measuring 7-10 mm. Pathology revealed(More)
CONTEXT Calcium stone formers with idiopathic hypercalciuria (IH) are known to exhibit an exaggerated postprandial rise in urine calcium excretion compared with non-stone-forming individuals, and insulin has been proposed to mediate this difference. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to investigate the impact of hyperinsulinemia on urine calcium excretion in IH(More)
Parathyroid lipoadenomas are a rare and benign variant of parathyroid adenomas that are defined morphologically by an abundance of fat cells. They may be functional with secretion of parathyroid hormone or nonfunctional. We present a case of a parathyroid lipoadenoma in a patient presenting with clinical manifestations of severe primary hyperparathyroidism.(More)
OBJECTIVE To recognize that benign adrenal adenomas can co-secrete excess aldosterone and cortisol, which can change clinical management. METHODS We reviewed the clinical and histological features of an adrenal tumor co-secreting aldosterone and cortisol in a patient. Biochemical testing as well as postoperative immunohistochemistry was carried out on(More)
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