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After Snowden: Rethinking the Impact of Surveillance
Current revelations about the secret US-NSA program, PRISM, have confirmed the large-scale mass surveillance of the telecommunication and electronic messages of governments, companies, and citizens,Expand
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Discourses on Violence: Conflict Analysis Reconsidered
Conflict and peace studies - setting the parameters theoretical and methodological questions in conflict studies mobilization and the emergence of conflict heterogeneity, power, the discursive modeExpand
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War and the transformation of global politics
Preface and Acknowledgements Chapter 1: Introduction: Understanding War and Violence Chapter 2: The Politics of Global War Chapter 3: Late Modernity, War and Peace Chapter 4: War, the International,Expand
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Worlding women: a feminist international politics
tion (m) was the only one who received support for their projects. Only in 1990, after Julius Nyerere had paid respect to the women's networks, pointing to how they had been keeping small businessExpand
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War, Security and the Liberal State
War in late modern politics is a technology of control. While its violent manifestations – for example, the invasion and occupation of Iraq – are directly felt by the population targeted, theExpand
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Violence Explained: The Sources of Conflict, Violence and Crime and Their Provention
Part 1 The human dimension: the approach the problem area problems of compliance needs theory decision making. Part 2 From compulsion to consent: the family leaderships legislatures academe andExpand
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Peacebuilding, the local and the international: a colonial or a postcolonial rationality?
There is much debate in the peacebuilding literature on the question of agency and its locations. Given the interventionist context of peacebuilding operations and the overwhelming presence ofExpand
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The Postcolonial Subject: Claiming Politics/Governing Others in Late Modernity
1. Tracing the Postcolonial Subject 2. Policing Access to the Modern: Power, Fear, Resistance 3. Resistance as the Claim to Politics 4. Reclaiming the International: Resistance in Cosmopolitan SpaceExpand
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Discourses on violence
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Dangerous ontologies : the ethos of survival and ethical theorising in international relations
The article responds to a recent call for a more systematic interrogation of the persistence of the dichotomous relation between ethics and International Relations. The addition of ethics intoExpand
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