Vivienne Crawford

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OBJECTIVE This Student Selected Component (SSC) was designed to equip United Kingdom (UK) medical students to engage in whole-person care. The aim was to explore students' reactions to experiences provided, and consider potential benefits for future clinical practice. METHODS The SSC was delivered in the workplace. Active learning was encouraged through(More)
BACKGROUND Varicella infection during pregnancy poses a serious risk for both foetus and mother. It has been suggested that it would be more cost-effective to screen antenatally with post-partum vaccination, which occurs in the US, than the current policy of checking immune status post varicella exposure, with VZIG administration where necessary.(More)
This module was designed to equip UK medical students to respond ethically and sensitively to requests encountered as qualified doctors regarding euthanasia and assisted dying. The aim was to expose students to relevant opinions and experiences and provide opportunities to explore and justify their own views and rehearse ethical decision making in a safe(More)
Women undergoing hysterectomies require special education and emotional support. A new comprehensive program of nursing interventions helps assist women in coping with hysterectomies. Nurses, combining their skills in gynecologic and mental-health nursing, conduct presurgery classes, provide information and support during hospitalization, and offer a(More)
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