Vivienne A. Clark

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941 cases of definite/probable multiple sclerosis living in Los Angeles County, California and King and Pierce Counties, Washington in 1970 who had onset between 1960 and 1969 were followed for mortality and disability through 1980. Early age of onset and residence in Washington State were predictors of less rapid and severe subsequent course. Coordination(More)
Cross-sectional data from 1,793 cases of definite or probable multiple sclerosis (MS) identified in an extensive population survey in King and Pierce (K-P) Counties, Washington and Los Angeles (LA) County, California, were analyzed. Compared to the U.S. population as a whole, patients were more likely to be divorced and to have more years of schooling. The(More)
A cohort of 886 cases of multiple sclerosis (MS) who had onset between Jan 1, 1960, and Dec 31, 1969, and who were resident in 1970 in either a low-prevalence area (Los Angeles County, California, 560 cases) or in a high-prevalence area (King and Pierce Counties, Washington, 326 cases) were followed up for changes in disability status through Dec 31, 1979.(More)
2012 The ideas and opinions expressed in this publication are solely the author's, and do not reflect those of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, or the United States Government. develops and preserves the institutional memory of DIA, conducts historical research and analysis in support of the DIA mission, and promotes historical(More)
Serum and salivary cotinine levels were determined in tobacco smokers (n = 125) who smoked only tobacco (n = 47) or who smoked both marijuana and tobacco (n = 78) as part of a field study of the pulmonary effects of heavy, habitual use of marijuana alone or with tobacco. After adjustment for current daily amount of tobacco use and time since the last(More)
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