Vivien Welch

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BACKGROUND Mumps is a relatively uncommon disease in the United States, and nosocomial transmission of mumps is rare. METHODS When a recently arrived Mexican immigrant became ill with mumps in a pediatric hospital in the United States, control measures and careful secondary case surveillance were instituted. Outbreak control included isolation of the(More)
Introduction: Social media use has been increasing in public health and health promotion because it can remove geographic and physical access barriers. However, these interventions also have the potential to increase health inequities for people who do not have access to or do not use social media. In this paper, we aim to assess the effects of interactive(More)
BACKGROUND Health interventions fall along a spectrum from simple to more complex. There is wide interest in methods for reviewing 'complex interventions', but few transparent approaches for assessing intervention complexity in systematic reviews. Such assessments may assist review authors in, for example, systematically describing interventions and(More)
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