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Rooted cuttings and seedlings of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) were established in a central Alabama field trial. Five, full-sib families, with an average number of six clones per family, were evaluated. Mean cutting/seedling height ratios revealed that despite initial differences in size, relative growth rates of both propagule types stabilized and were(More)
We describe an anatomical variation of the right maxillary artery. The variation loops deep, giving off a middle meningeal artery with an extremely short extracranial segment, then bifurcates into unequal branches. The smaller branch passes superficial to the lateral pterygoid head and distributes primarily to the masticatory muscles. The larger partially(More)
Anatomical dissection has begun to reveal striking similarities between gross anatomical structures and the system of nomenclature used in traditional Chinese acupuncture. This paper argues that acupuncture point nomenclature is rooted in systematic anatomical investigation of cadaveric specimens, and that acupuncture points and meridians are purposefully(More)
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