Vivien Rossi

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The state-space modeling of partially observed dynamical systems generally requires estimates of unknown parameters. The dynamic state vector together with the static parameter vector can be considered as an augmented state vector. Classical filtering methods, such as the extended Kalman filter and the bootstrap particle filter, fail to estimate the(More)
In this paper a new generation of particle filters for nonlinear discrete time processes is proposed, based on convolution kernel probability density estimation. The main advantage of this approach is to be free of the limitations encountered by the current particle filters when the likelihood of the observation variable is analytically unknown or when the(More)
Bruno Hérault*, Bénédicte Bachelot, Lourens Poorter, Vivien Rossi, Frans Bongers, Jérôme Chave, C. E. Timothy Paine, Fabien Wagner and Christopher Baraloto Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, UMR ‘‘Ecologie des Forêts de Guyane’’, 97387 Kourou Cedex, France; AgroParisTech, UMR ‘‘Ecologie des Forêts de Guyane’’, 97387 Kourou Cedex, France; Forest(More)
Determining how tropical tree populations subject to selective felling (logging) pressure may be conserved is a crucial issue for forest management and studying this issue requires a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between population demography and gene flow. We used a simulation model, SELVA, to study (1) the relative impact of demographic(More)
• Climate models for the coming century predict rainfall reduction in the Amazonian region, including change in water availability for tropical rainforests. Here, we test the extent to which climate variables related to water regime, temperature and irradiance shape the growth trajectories of neotropical trees. • We developed a diameter growth model(More)
In many situations it is important to be able to propose N independent realizations of a given distribution law. We propose a strategy for making N parallel Monte Carlo Markov Chains (MCMC) interact in order to get an approximation of an independent N -sample of a given target law. In this method each individual chain proposes candidates for all other(More)
Climate models predict a range of changes in tropical forest regions, including increased average temperatures, decreased total precipitation, reduced soil moisture and alterations in seasonal climate variations. These changes are directly related to the increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations, primarily CO2. Assessing seasonal forest growth(More)
Traditional measures of diversity, namely the number of species as well as Simpson's and Shannon's indices, are particular cases of Tsallis entropy. Entropy decomposition, i.e. decomposing gamma entropy into alpha and beta components, has been previously derived in the literature. We propose a generalization of the additive decomposition of Shannon entropy(More)