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Adenosine is an inhibitor of neuronal activity in the brain. The local release of adenosine from grafted cells was evaluated as an ex vivo gene therapy approach to suppress synchronous discharges and epileptic seizures. Fibroblasts were engineered to release adenosine by inactivating the adenosine-metabolizing enzymes adenosine kinase and adenosine(More)
Adenosine is an important inhibitory modulator of brain activity. In a previous ex vivo gene therapy approach, local release of adenosine by encapsulated fibroblasts implanted into the vicinity of an epileptic focus, was sufficient to provide transient protection from seizures (Huber, A., Padrun, V., Deglon, N., Aebischer, P., Mohler, H., Boison, D., 2001.(More)
PURPOSE Intraventricular cellular delivery of adenosine was recently shown to be transiently efficient in the suppression of seizure activity in the rat kindling model of epilepsy. We tested whether the suppression of seizures by adenosine-releasing grafts was independent of seizure frequency. METHODS Adenosine-releasing cells were encapsulated and(More)
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