Vivianne Lee

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To determine the contribution of the inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) to hepatic injury following warm ischemia-reperfusion, we developed a model of partial hepatic ischemia-reperfusion in mice and studied the injury response in iNOS knockout (KO) mice. Compared with wild types, iNOS KO animals exhibited lower plasma transaminase levels after 1 and 6(More)
PURPOSE Published evidence on common ingredients of "energy drinks" and other dietary supplements widely used by consumers in hopes of enhancing athletic performance is reviewed. SUMMARY Preworkout products- unregulated dietary supplements- typically contain "proprietary blends" of multiple ingredients, including caffeine, dimethylamylamine, creatine,(More)
Dedication To Vivianne Lee You will always be my greatest accomplishment. v Acknowledgements First and foremost I must acknowledge my parents, Ken and Judy Ramsey, for their lifelong encouragement and support in all of my endeavors. They are my biggest fans and have always held a strong belief in my ability to achieve whatever I want, even when I didnʼt(More)
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