Viviane Tavares Nascimento

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Many pharmacological effects have been ascribed to extracts of Psidium guajava L. (guava) leaves. However, in spite of its widespread use in Brazilian folk medicine and a reasonable number of scientific reports about it, we could not find any study dealing with its action on the mammalian myocardium. In the present study, by measuring isometric force, we(More)
We present a method for the determination of blood glucose using dried filter paper blood spots. To validate this method, we compared our results using filter paper and simultaneously collected venous blood. We demonstrated that there is a linear relationship between the filter paper glucose levels and those determined in whole blood (r = 0.98). There was(More)
The energy demand for operating Information and Communication Technologies is growing, implying in high operational costs and consequent carbon emissions. Both in datacenters and in telecom infrastructures, the networks represent a significant amount of energy spending. This implies in an increased demand for energy efficiency, and several functionalities(More)
A significant number of green, energy-saving network protocols have been invented in recent years in response to demand for reducing the amount of energy consumed by network infrastructure. In this paper, we report on the difficulties we encountered when building an SDN environment that could emulate energy saving protocols operating at different layers of(More)
Various energy efficiency network capabilities have been proposed in recent years in response to the demand of reducing the amount of energy consumed by the network infrastructure. In this regard, we demonstrate SOS, a method able to orchestrate different energy efficiency capabilities considering the possible combinations and conflicts among them, as well(More)
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