Viviane Santos de Oliveira

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The difficulty in reading and interpreting textual information interferes in the quality of the interaction of pre-linguistic deaf in the web. This article aims at determining whether the use of new communication strategies improves interaction of the deaf. The stage of data collection and observation involved the participation of eight volunteers. Two(More)
This article presents issues of communicability that can impact in the interaction of pre-linguistic bilingual deep deaf user in Web Organizational Information Systems. Thus, we seek to contribute to the development of more accessible systems to this user's profile, seeking its inclusion in the organizational environment. The analysis of interactions(More)
Reading difficulties and interpreting textual information interferes with the quality of communicative interactions between pre-linguistic deaf and web environment. This article aims to present a study of eight pre-linguíticos deaf users interacting with a web form in order to verify if the use of new communication strategies helps to improves the(More)
The translation of web content into Libras (Lingua Brasileira de Sinais – Brazilian Sign Language), although adequate, cannot always be implemented, due to its high cost. Thus, the present study aims to identify and propose solutions for the potential communication breakdowns in the interaction of bilingual deaf users in corporate systems on the web. The(More)
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