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OBJECTIVES We characterized the optical properties, such as absorbance and fluorescence, of dental resins containing quantum dots (QD). We also determined the doping level needed to obtain a broad and nearly flat emission spectrum that provides the perception of white color. METHODS The samples studied were resin composites from Charisma (Heraeus Kulzer)(More)
Nowadays, the synthetic dyes (as erythrosine, ponceau and tartrazina) and natural colourants (as annatto, paprika, curcuma and anthocyanin) are indispensable in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications. However, the use of natural colourant has been considered safer for human consumption then synthetic dye. For practical applications of the(More)
Cadmium selenide/zinc sulfide (CdSe/ZnS) core-shell quantum dots (QDs) embedded in biocompatible materials were thermally and optically characterized with a thermal lens (TL) technique. Transient TL measurements were performed with a mode-mismatched, dual-beam (excitation and probe) configuration. A thermo-optical study of the CdSe/ZnS QDs was performed for(More)
Mode-mismatched thermal lens (TL) measurements in Cr3+-doped fluoride crystals (LiSrAIF6 and LiSrGaF6) are reported. A nonlinear increase of the TL signal, and decrease of quantum efficiency, with increasing excitation power was observed and attributed to energy-transfer upconversion (ETU). Assuming an upconversion rate that is proportional to the(More)
Thermal lens spectroscopy (TLS), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) techniques were applied to the thermo-optical property analysis of a new phosphate glass matrix PANK with nominal composition 40P2O5·20Al2O3·35Na2O·5K2O (mol%), doped with different Nd(3+) compositions. This glass system, synthesized by the fusion(More)
The present work reports the spectroscopic and thermo-optical properties of CdSe/ZnS and CdSe/CdS core-shell quantum dots (QDs) embedded in synthetic saliva. Spectroscopy studies were performed applying nonfunctionalized CdSe/ZnS QDs (3.4, 3.9 and 5.1 nm cores) and hydroxyl group-functionalized ultrasmall CdSe/CdS core-shell quantum dots (1.6 nm core)(More)
A low-cost single arm double interferometer was developed for the concurrent measurement of linear thermal expansion (α) and thermo-optic (dn/dT) coefficients of transparent samples with plane and parallel surfaces. Owing to its common-path optical arrangement, the device is compact and stable, and allows the simultaneous measurement of interferences(More)
Two new luminescent compounds containing fluorescein-amino acid units have been designed and synthesized via an ester linkage between a fluorescein ethyl ester and Boc-Ser(TBDMS)-OH or Boc-Cys(4-MeBzl)-OH, and their photophysical properties have been explored. The optical response of both compounds (2 and 3) towards the metal ions Na(+), K(+), Hg(+), Ag(+),(More)
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