Viviane Gabriela Nascimento

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BACKGROUND The literature indicates that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects cardiac autonomic control. In this study, we conducted a literature review in order to investigate the heart rate variability (HRV) in COPD subjects. METHODS A search was performed in Medline database, using the link between the keywords: "autonomic nervous(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated growth and nutritional status of preschool children between 2 and 6 years old from low income families from 14 daycare centers. METHODS Cross-sectional study with 1544 children from daycare centers of Santo Andre, Brazil. Body weight (W), height (H) and body mass index (BMI) were classified according to the 2000 National Center for(More)
We aimed to evaluate the classification of arm circumference (AC) in pre-school children by using National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS/CDC-2000) and World Health Organization (WHO-2006) references. We evaluated 205 children: weight, height and AC were assessed and the body mass index (BMI) was calculated. The BMI values were classified into Z-scores(More)
CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE Brazil is undergoing a period of epidemiological transition associated with demographic and nutritional changes. The prevalence of obesity is also increasing in children and is causing numerous health problems that are becoming public health issues. The aim here was to evaluate the prevalence of overweight among children of two and(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the usefulness of the weight gain/height gain ratio from birth to two and three years of age as a predictive risk indicator of excess weight at preschool age. METHODS The weight and height/length of 409 preschool children at daycare centers were measured according to internationally recommended rules. The weight values and body mass(More)
Introduction: The prevalence of obesity in Brazil is progressively increasing among children. In obese individuals, the concentration of fat in the abdominal region is a predictive marker for future health problems. Among the indicators of central adiposity, the waist-to-height ratio (WHR) has been shown to be more sensitive for predicting future health(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the risk prevalence of overweight and obesity in children enrolled in private and philanthropic preschools in the State of São Paulo. METHODS Comparison of two cross sectional studies with children enrolled in private preschools (PPS) or philanthropic (PHP) of the São Paulo Metropolitan Region. Both surveys evaluated the children's(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known with respect to the metabolic response and the requirements of infected newborns. Moreover, the nutritional needs and particularly the energy metabolism of newborns with sepsis are controversial matter. In this investigation we aimed to evaluate the rest energy expenditure (REE) of newborns with bacterial sepsis during the acute(More)
Method: Using a cross-sectional study, the nutritional status of 224 children aged two-six from seven private schools in São Paulo city was classified into two categories: a low or appropriate body mass index (BMI) group called ‘normal weight’ and an overweight or obese group, called ‘excess weight’ according to the World Health Organization. The(More)
OBJECTIVE Investigate associations between excess weight in preschool children, breastfeeding duration and age of non-breast milk introduction. METHODS Cross-sectional study of a representative sample of 817 preschool children, aged 2 to 4 years, attending municipal day care centers in the city of Taubaté. The weight and height of children were measured(More)