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Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a non-invasive powerful method to modulate brain activity. It can enhance motor learning and working memory in healthy subjects. To investigate the effects of anodal tDCS (1 mA, 20 min) of the dominant and non-dominant primary motor cortex (M1) on hand motor performance in healthy right-handed volunteers,(More)
The effect of feed restriction and enzymatic supplementation on intestinal and pancreatic enzyme activities and weight gain was studied in broiler chickens. Quantitative feed restriction was applied to chickens from 7 to 14 d of age. An enzyme complex mainly consisting of protease and amylase was added to the chicken ration from hatching to the end of the(More)
The present study aimed to quantify the proportion of 13C from energy and protein feed ingredients that follow the metabolic routing of the liver and muscle in broiler chickens. A stable isotope of carbon technique was used that is based on the isotopic discrimination that occurs in the plants during the photosynthesis process. One-day-old male chicks were(More)
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