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BACKGROUND Classically, primary hyperaldosteronism was diagnosed in no more than 1% of patients with hypertension, when hypokalemia was used as the screening test. However, numerous patients with primary hyperaldosteronism do not have hypokalemia and the disease remains undiagnosed. AIM To assess the prevalence of normokalemic primary hyperaldosteronism(More)
Community technology centers and libraries have been crucial components of public policy initiatives to reduce the digital divide. Using theories of structuration and the social construction of technology, this paper examines the gender dynamics of the digital divide at public access points in Austin, TX over 10 years. Using extensive participant(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Radiology teachers are well trained in their specialty; however, when working in academic institutions, faculty development and promotion through the education pathway tends to be based on their teaching knowledge and skills. The aim of this study is to assess psychometric properties of the Medicina Universidad Católica-Radiology 32(More)
BACKGROUND Acinetobacter baumannii nosocomial outbreaks are common and the microorganism is frequently resistant to multiple antimicrobials. There is little information about Acinetobacter baumannii antimicrobial susceptibility in the northern region of Chile. AIM To identify different Acinetobacter baumannii biotypes isolated from clinical samples and to(More)
BACKGROUND Training of postgraduate medical specialty program managers (PMSPM) is essential for the proper development of their programs. AIM To identify the main training needs of PMSPM at a medical school. MATERIAL AND METHODS A mixed-methodology approach was implemented including focus group/interviews and the administration of the Program Managers(More)
BACKGROUND Latin America is a region with huge health inequalities and a tremendous growth in the number of medical schools during the last decades. The role of the medical schools in reducing health inequality has not been systematically explored. METHODS A qualitative framework method was used to explore the meaning, barriers, and facilitators of the(More)
BACKGROUND Feedback is one of the most important tools to improve teaching in medical education. AIM To develop an instrument to assess the performance of clinical postgraduate teachers in medical specialties. MATERIAL AND METHODS A qualitative methodology consisting in interviews and focus-groups followed by a quantitative methodology to generate(More)
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