Viviana P Toledo

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Glutamyl queuosine-tRNAAsp synthetase (GluQ-RS) is a paralog of the catalytic domain of glutamyl-tRNA synthetase and catalyzes the formation of glutamyl-queuosine on the wobble position of tRNAAsp. Here we analyze the transcription of its gene in Shigella flexneri, where it is found downstream of dksA, which encodes a transcriptional regulator involved in(More)
Th17 cells, a recently described subtype of CD4+ eff ector lymphocytes, have been linked to cell-mediated autoimmune and infl ammatory diseases as well as to cardiovascular diseases. However, the participation of IL-17A in myocardial ischemic injury has not been clearly defi ned. We therefore conducted the present study to evaluate IL-17A and Th17-related(More)
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