Viviana Marcela Camelo-García

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In this work, we report the complete genome sequence of, production of polyclonal antibodies against, and development of biological assays for a putative new potexvirus, named senna mosaic virus (SenMV), found infecting Senna occidentalis in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The complete genome sequence of SenMV comprises 6775 nucleotides excluding the(More)
Zucchini lethal chlorosis virus (ZLCV) is a species of the genus Tospovirus, in the family Bunyaviridae, and is transmitted by thrips (Frankliniella zucchini). To date, ZLCV has only been reported in Brazil, where it causes a disease known as lethal chlorosis of zucchini squash. The aim of this study was to identify additional species susceptible to ZLCV(More)
A high incidence of plants with mosaic, chlorotic spots, ringspots, necrosis, smaller leaves, and stunting was observed on peanut crops (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Itápolis, São Paulo State, Brazil. Transmission electron microscope examination of thin sections of infected leaves revealed the presence of spheroidal particles, ca. 80 nm in diameter, suggestive(More)
This work reports the complete genome sequence, production of a polyclonal antiserum, and host range of a Brazilian strain of johnsongrass mosaic virus (JGMV) found infecting Panicum maximum in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The complete genome sequence of this potyvirus, comprising 9874 nucleotides, showed 82 % amino acid sequence identity in the(More)
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