Viviana E Laurent

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PURPOSE To assess in vitro cytotoxic activity and antiangiogenic effect, ocular and systemic disposition, and toxicity of digoxin in rabbits after intravitreal injection as a potential candidate for retinoblastoma treatment. METHODS A panel of two retinoblastoma and three endothelial cell types were exposed to increasing concentrations of digoxin in a(More)
Current treatment of retinoblastoma involves using the maximum dose of chemotherapy that induces tumor control and is tolerated by patients. The impact of dose and schedule on the cytotoxicity of chemotherapy has not been studied. Our aim was to gain insight into the cytotoxic and antiangiogenic effect of the treatment scheme of chemotherapy used in(More)
IMPORTANCE Disseminated retinoblastoma is usually fatal. Identification of small amounts (minimal dissemination [MD]) of tumor cells in extraocular sites might be a tool for designing appropriate treatments. OBJECTIVE To test cone-rod homeobox (CRX) transcription factor as a lineage-specific molecular marker for metastatic retinoblastoma and for(More)
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