Viviana Amati

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The penton base of adenovirus mediates viral attachment to integrin receptors and particle internalisation, properties that can be exploited to reengineer prokaryotic viruses for the infection of mammalian cells. We report that filamentous phage displaying either the full-length penton base gene or a central region of 107 amino acids on their surface were(More)
Substance P G-protein coupled receptor and the antigen recognition site of a monoclonal antibody raised against substance P share a stretch of five contiguous identical amino acids. This observation prompted us to build an atomic model of both the receptor and the antibody and to analyse their common features. In particular, we report here that a pocket of(More)
The identification of antivirals and vaccines against hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is hampered by the lack of convenient animal models. The need to develop surrogate models has recently drawn attention to GB virus B (GBV-B), which produces hepatitis in small primates. In a previous study in vitro, it was shown that GBV-B NS3 protease shares substrate(More)
Religious rituals that are painful or highly stressful are hypothesized to be costly signs of commitment essential for the evolution of complex society. Yet few studies have investigated how such extreme ritual practices were culturally transmitted in past societies. Here, we report the first study to analyze temporal and spatial variation in bloodletting(More)
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