Vivian Yee-fong Leung

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PURPOSE To document utility of shear-wave (SW) elastography for assessing liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B and to compare its performance with that of transient elastography. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ethics committee approved the study, and informed consent was obtained. Patients with liver biopsy correlation (n = 226) and healthy patients (n = 171)(More)
This paper is a comprehensive review of the Doppler waveform appearance of ureteric jets. Six jet waveform patterns have been identified: monophasic, biphasic, triphasic, polyphasic, square and continuous. Details of the physical properties of jet patterns and their changes under various physiological conditions are illustrated. The immature monophasic(More)
Zinc, copper, and iron aggregate Aβ and accumulate in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) plaques. Some metals are increased in AD vs. control serum. The authors examined levels of 12 metals in serum of 44 AD and 41 control subjects. Zinc decreased from 12.3 to 10.9 μmol/L (means, p = 0.0007). Arsenic positively correlated with Mini-Mental State Examination score (p <(More)
BACKGROUND More validated instruments for assessment of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia are required to facilitate local dementia research. METHOD The psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the neuropsychiatric inventory (CNPI) were tested in a sample of 62 dementia outpatients. The concurrent validity was tested by measuring(More)
Studies in animals and a short-term human study have suggested that curcumin, a polyphenolic compound concentrated in the curry spice turmeric, decreases serum cholesterol concentration. However, no controlled human trials have examined the effect of curcumin on cholesterol. This study investigated the effects of consuming curcumin on the serum lipid(More)
OBJECTIVES To establish the test-retest reliability of ultrasound measurements on acromio-humeral distance (AHD) and supraspinatus tendon thickness; and to explore their relationships with shoulder rotational strengths. DESIGN Test-retest observational study. METHODS Thirty-seven individuals (age: 21.5±1.4 years) participated in this study. Twenty-four(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aims to examine the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Alzheimer's disease behavioral pathology rating scale (CBehave-AD) and the behavioral profile of Chinese patients with AD. METHODS Seventy-one subjects with NINCDS-ADRDA diagnosis of probable and possible AD were assessed for validation of the CBehave-AD. A(More)
To test the hypothesis that the presence of nocturnal enuresis is related to increased frequency of immature vesicoureteric function, which is further associated with detrusor overactivity, we compared the incidence of immature monophasic ureteric jet in children with and without nocturnal enuresis. The relationship between monophasic ureteric jet Doppler(More)
Our previous study on the Doppler waveform of the urinary jet at the vesicoureteric junction (VUJ) indicates that there is an active sphincteric mechanism in humans. We have also shown that there are immature and mature patterns of the jet, and the VUJ matures around the age of 4 years. To determine if there is any gender difference in the time of achieving(More)