Vivian Yang

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The cell polarity gene, crumbs (crb)), has been shown to participate in the development and degeneration of the Drosophila retina. Mutations in CRB1, the human homologue of Drosophila crb, also result in retinitis pigmentosa and Leber congenital amaurosis. In this study, we used the gain-of-function approach to delineate the roles of CRB in developing(More)
PURPOSE To describe the phenotypic characteristics of a limbal epithelial cell sheet outgrowth from a limbal explant cultured on amniotic membrane. METHOD Immunofluorescent staining and confocal microscopy were used to examine the expressions of p63, Ki-67, keratins 3 and 14, connexin 43, and the integrin alpha6/beta4 and alpha3/beta1 subunits in corneal(More)
In this study, we used immunoelectron microscopy to investigate the subcellular localization of scavenger receptor class B type I (SR-BI) in the arterial walls of rats. The expression of SR-BI in cultured endothelial and smooth muscle cells of rat aorta after exposure to high-density lipoprotein (HDL) was also investigated by immunofluorescence microscopy(More)
Previously, the authors have shown that the molecular interaction between caveolin-1 and ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 (ABCA1) is associated with the high-density lipoprotein (HDL)-mediated cholesterol efflux pathway in aortic endothelial cells (ECs). This study analyzed the role ABCA1 plays in caveolin-1-mediated cholesterol efflux in aortic ECs.(More)
Coral reefs have been declining considerably in recent years because of changes to the environment and climate. The cryopreservation of coral gametes is an essential alternative method that yields immense success in preserving corals. This study focuses on developing vitrification techniques for Junceella fragilis and Ellisella robusta oocytes, and presents(More)
Based on the high penetration rate of mobile devices, reducing power consumption for mobile devices have become increasingly important. In current technology, statistics show that the display of the mobile device dominates the major power consumption of the device (e.g., up to 40% of the total power). Therefore, to efficiently reduce the display power(More)
BACKGROUND The report from the Institute of Medicine, To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System in 1999 drew a special attention towards preventable medical errors and patient safety. The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 and federal criteria of 'Meaningful use' stage 1 mandated e-prescribing to be used by eligible providers in order to(More)
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