Vivian Tang

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This paper reviews the physics and technology of wave-particle interaction experiments in the ion cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF) and the lower hybrid range of frequencies (LHRF) on the Alcator CMod tokamak. Operation of fixed frequency (80 MHz) and tunable (40 – 80 MHz) ICRF transmitters and the associated transmission system is described. Key(More)
Alfvén eigenmodes (AEs) are studied to assess their stability in high density reactor relevant regimes where Ti ≈ Te and as a diagnostic tool. Stable AEs are excited with active MHD antennas in the range of the expected AE frequency. Toroidal Alfvén eigenmode (TAE) damping rates between 0.5% < γ/ω < 4.5% have been observed in diverted and limited Ohmic(More)
The Earth's core is mostly an Fe-Ni alloy with a fraction of light elements (~10 wt%, mainly O, S and Si). Accumulation of these light elements under the core-mantle boundary (CMB) may lead to chemical stratification. Seismic observations have been presented both for and against the stratification in the topmost region of the outer core. Here we investigate(More)
In this preliminary scoping study, post-accident temperature transients of several fusion-fission designs utilizing ITER-FEAT-like parameters and fission pebble bed fuel technology are examined using a 1-D cylindrical Matlab heat transfer code along with conventional fission decay heat approximations. Scenarios studied include systems with no additional(More)
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