Vivian M Turner

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Tumor angiogenesis is essential for malignant growth and metastasis. Bone marrow (BM)–derived en-dothelial progenitor cells (EPC) contribute to angiogenesis-mediated tumor growth. EPC ablation can reduce tumor growth; however, the lack of a marker that can track EPCs from the BM to tumor neovasculature has impeded progress in understanding the molecular(More)
B cells require signals delivered through B-cell activating factor of the TNF family receptor (BAFF-R) and CD40 to survive and produce antibody responses in vivo. In vitro data indicate that these signals are controlled by the homologous RING finger proteins cIAP1 and cIAP2, in collaboration with TRAF2 and TRAF3. There is also mounting evidence that all 4(More)
Krüppel-like factor 3 (Klf3) is a member of the Klf family of transcription factors. Klfs are widely expressed and have diverse roles in development and differentiation. In this study, we examine the function of Klf3 in B cell development by studying B lymphopoiesis in a Klf3 knockout mouse model. We show that B cell differentiation is significantly(More)
This report describes the project to identify the global distribution of extended HLA haplotypes, a component of 16th International HLA and Immunogenetics Workshop (IHIW), and summarizes the initial analyses of data collected. The project aims to investigate extended HLA haplotypes, compare their distribution among different populations, assess their(More)
These comments, and the attached draft paper 1 , are for consideration by the special committee of the Science Advisory Board considering the risk assessment for asbestos inhalation. and past Chairman and currently a member of the Cyclotron Operating Committee. He is a founder of the Society for Risk Analysis. He is and has been a consultant to the United(More)
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