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STUDY DESIGN A systematic review. OBJECTIVES To determine the quality of the research and assess the interexaminer and intraexaminer reliability of spinal palpatory diagnostic procedures. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Conflicting data have been reported over the past 35 years regarding the reliability of spinal palpatory tests. METHODS The authors used(More)
BACKGROUND Electrical impedance scanning (EIS) measures changes in breast tissue associated with breast cancer (Br-Ca) development. The T-Scan(tm2000 (ED is designed to use EIS to identify women ages 30-39 with elevated risk of breast cancer (i.e., T-Scan+ women). AIM To estimate the relative probability of breast cancer in a T-Scan+ woman compared to a(More)
The use of phytoestrogens as a natural source of estrogen has been rapidly accepted by consumers for various remedial or preventive purposes, including breast cancer prevention. Phytoestrogens exhibit mixed weak estrogen agonist/antagonist properties and antioxidative activity. They may play a significant inhibitory role during the initiation and(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the effect of the premenstrual syndrome (PMS) on health-related quality of life, health care utilization and occupational functioning. STUDY DESIGN A cross-sectional cohort study of women prospectively diagnosed with PMS. RESULTS Among women completing the survey, 28.7% were diagnosed with PMS. Women with PMS had significantly lower(More)
BACKGROUND Many health care professionals use spinal palpatory exams as a primary and well-accepted part of the evaluation of spinal pathology. However, few studies have explored the validity of spinal palpatory exams. To evaluate the status of the current scientific evidence, we conducted a systematic review to assess the content validity of spinal(More)
UNLABELLED Obesity is the number one nutritional disorder in the developed world. It is now well recognized that obesity is a disease that represents a rapidly growing epidemic. It is often a lifelong problem that preferentially affects women. Modern science and medicine are just beginning to unravel the multifactorial pathophysiology of obesity. Current(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal retrieval of a literature search in biomedicine depends on the appropriate use of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), descriptors and keywords among authors and indexers. We hypothesized that authors, investigators and indexers in four biomedical databases are not consistent in their use of terminology in Complementary and Alternative(More)
Workups by male and female physicians in response to five common complaints in a sample of 200 men and women-100 married couples-revealed no significant differences in the extent and content. This study contrasts with observations made in a previous study of male physicians who were found to perform more extensive workups for men than for women. The present(More)
PURPOSE This study addressed 2 questions: first, what is the yield of PubMed MEDLINE for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) studies compared to other databases; second, what is an effective search strategy to answer a sample research question on spinal palpation? METHODS We formulated the following research question: "What is the reliability of(More)
The new combined oral contraceptive containing ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone has the potential for improving a woman's quality of life. Drospirenone's antiandrogenic activity, for example, makes it effective in reducing acne and seborrhea. The majority of reproductive-age women suffer from some degree of premenstrual symptomatology. In some cases,(More)