Vivian Lindmayer Ferreira

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This study reports a case of parasitism by the giant kidney worm, Dioctophyma renale, diagnosed in the right kidney of a domestic dog. An adult female German Shepherd was attended with clinical history of prostration and hyporexia. The hemogram showed changes compatible with an inflammatory process, for that reason, an abdominal ultrasound was requested.(More)
1. Postsplenectomy complications have stimulated surgeons to opt for partial splenectomy as a more desirable technique for several diseases and in some cases for trauma to the spleen. 2. We studied spleen viability in 15 dogs submitted to subtotal splenectomy while maintaining the upper pole and upper splenogastric vessels. Macro- and microscopic(More)
BACKGROUND The Black vulture (Coragyps atratus) is the most common species of vulture and is widespread in all America. The species feeds on rotting carcasses, and large groups are frequently seen in urban areas, concentrating especially on rubbish dumps. Although C atratus is a very common species in some areas, little is known about its health in the(More)
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