Vivian K. Wong

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Autophagy is an important cellular process that controls cells in a normal homeostatic state by recycling nutrients to maintain cellular energy levels for cell survival via the turnover of proteins and damaged organelles. However, persistent activation of autophagy can lead to excessive depletion of cellular organelles and essential proteins, leading to(More)
  • L V Alexeeva, V A Anferov, B B Blinov, J A Bywater, D D Caussyn, E D Courant +105 others
  • 1996
The SPIN Collaboration and the DESY Polarization Team have studied the possible acceleration of a polarized proton beam to 820 GeV/c in the HERA accelerator complex at DESY. The main problems which need further study are: increasing the accumulated polarized proton intensity, providing adequate spin stability with four or more Siberian snakes in HERA. All(More)
the historic use of the word stigma to the Greeks, who referred to " bodily signs designed to expose something unusual and bad about the moral status of the signifier " (p. 1). These signs were cut or burned into a person's body as an indication of being a slave, a criminal, or a traitor. Notice the moral and judgmental nature of these stigmas. The disgrace(More)
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