Vivian H. Lee

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Vaccinia virus (VACV) expresses many proteins that are non-essential for virus replication but promote virulence by inhibiting components of the host immune response to infection. These immunomodulators include a family of proteins that have, or are predicted to have, a structure related to the B-cell lymphoma (Bcl)-2 protein. Five members of the VACV Bcl-2(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal method for early prediction of human West Nile virus (WNV) infection risk remains controversial. We analyzed the predictive utility of risk factor data for human WNV over a six-year period in Connecticut. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Using only environmental variables or animal sentinel data was less predictive than a model that(More)
The thermal melanin hypothesis posits that ectothermic individuals of larger size or from colder environments exhibit darker cuticles due to melanin’s efficacy in absorbing solar radiation. However, melanin is also a crucial component of arthropod immunity. Thus, thermal selection for increased cuticle darkness may profoundly influence melanin-based immune(More)
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