Vivian Fischer

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HISTORY AND ADMISSION FINDINGS A 43-year-old man was admitted to a hospital because of an exacerbation of severe headache, which for three years had been refractory to any treatment. Headache had led to chronic use of analgesics and to drug-treated depression. As a result he had to quit his job the previous year and had since then been receiving a(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the effect of concentrate-to-forage ratio (C:F) on the performance, blood profile, and milk physicochemical characteristics of mid-lactation cows fed a corn silage-based diet. Twenty four Holstein cows, with BW 575 ± 70 kg, body condition score (BCS) 3.1 ± 0.2, milk yield 18.4 ± 3.0 kg, and days in milk (DIM) 121 ± 21 were(More)
A total of twelve lactating Jersey cows were used in a 5-week experiment to determine the effects of severe feed restriction on the permeability of mammary gland cell tight junctions (TJs) and its effects on milk stability to the alcohol test. During the first 2 weeks, cows were managed and fed together and received the same diet according to their(More)
A total of 90 cows from three commercial farms were used to evaluate the relationship between subclinical mastitis and clinical mastitis and thermal nociceptive threshold. Milk strips from all udder quarters were tested for clinical mastitis with visual inspection of milk and udder alterations and for subclinical mastitis using California Mastitis Test.(More)
  • V. Fischer
  • 2004
28 cases of arthrodesis of the knee-joint performed during a 3 years period are reviewed. Main indications for this procedure were degenerative, rheumatoid and posttraumatic arthrosis of the knee joint. The Charnley compression arthrodesis was the preferred method. In bilateral rheumatoid arthritis the arthrodesis was combined with a high osteotomy of the(More)
The effect of shade on behavior and physiological attributes of grazing cows in a high altitude subtropical zone is not well established. This work aimed to investigate how social and ingestive behaviors, as well as physiological and other attributes of dairy cows such as milk production, change in a subtropical environment during the hot season either with(More)
Lameness can negatively affect production, but there is still controversy about the perception of pain in dairy cows. This study aimed to verify the effects of hoof affections in dairy cows on locomotion score, physiological attributes, pressure nociceptive threshold, and thermographic variables, as well as assess improvement on these variables after(More)