Vivian Feddern

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The aim of this study was to evaluate fermented rice bran phospholipids, lipids and fatty acid content in a fermentation solid system with Rhizopus oryzae fungus. For this, aliquots were withdrawn every 24h over 120 h. The content of phospholipids was determined by colorimetric method. Esterified fatty acids were separated by gas chromatography, then(More)
A novel approach is reported for the synthesis of dihydrocaffoylated glycerols that consists of two steps: enzymatic synthesis of octyl dihydrocaffeate (as a synthetic intermediate) from octanol and dihydrocaffeic acid, and enzymatic interesterification of triacylglycerols with octyl dihydrocaffeate. Due to the good compatibility of the intermediate with(More)
Our society is highly dependent on petroleum for its activities. However, petroleum is a finite source and causes several environmental problems such as rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. About 90% is used as an energy source for transportation, heat and electricity generation, being the remaining sources used as feedstocks in the chemical(More)
The effects of two alternative sources of animal fat-derived biodiesel feedstock on CO2, CO, NOx tailpipe emissions as well as fuel consumption were investigated. Biodiesel blends were produced from chicken and swine fat waste (FW-1) or floating fat (FW-2) collected from slaughterhouse wastewater treatment processes. Tests were conducted in an unmodified(More)
A QuEChERS method of ractopamine (RCT) residue detection in swine meat and bone meal (MBM) samples was demonstrated. Samples were hydrolyzed with protease and β-glucuronidase prior to QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe) extraction and clean-up. Samples were analyzed in a Liquid Chromatography (equipped with ACE 5 C18 column under(More)
This review presents up-to-date information about current research on nicarbazin, one of the most used anticoccidials in poultry production. The focus is to elucidate regulation concerning nicarbazin, limits for its residues in food, how maximum residue limits in different countries are calculated regarding edible chicken tissues and the possible(More)
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