Vivian C Y Lee

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BACKGROUND Embryos produced by in vitro fertilization (IVF) have a high level of aneuploidy, which is believed to be a major factor affecting the success of human assisted reproduction treatment. The(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the pregnancy outcome of the fluorescent in-situ hybridisation and array comparative genomic hybridisation in preimplantation genetic diagnosis of translocation carriers. (More)
INTRODUCTION Preimplantation genetic screening has been proposed to improve the in-vitro fertilisation outcome by screening for aneuploid embryos or blastocysts. This study aimed to report the(More)
We report a live birth from a couple with two genetic diseases, namely: reciprocal translocation carrier and alpha-thalassaemia trait, following pre-implantation genetic diagnostic tests. This is the(More)
OBJECTIVE There are currently no local data on the sperm retrieval and pregnancy rates in in-vitro fertilisation and testicular sperm extraction cycles, especially with regard to the presence of(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the applicability of a commonly used next generation sequencing workflow in detecting unbalanced meiotic segregation products for reciprocal translocation and inversion(More)