Vivian Ambrosiadou

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E-commerce sites currently provide poor access to information and knowledge. Accessibility is a key issue, both for selling individual products and services, and for selling the concept of e-commerce ahead of other modes of commerce. This report uses the concept of Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB) to define knowledge-level accessibility requirements(More)
This is a multidisciplinary inter-departmental/faculty project between the departments of computer science, electronic, communications and electrical engineering and nursing and paramedic sciences. The objective is to develop a web based multimedia front end to existing simulations of cardiac emergency scenaria. It will be used firstly in the teaching of(More)
An object-oriented medical database management system is presented for a typical cardiologic center, facilitating epidemiological trials. Object-oriented analysis and design were used for the system design, offering advantages for the integrity and extendibility of medical information systems. The system was developed using object-oriented design and(More)
Distributed decision support is a challenging issue requiring the implementation of advanced computer science techniques together with tools of development which offer ease of communication and efficiency of searching and control performance. This paper presents a JAVA implementation of a knowledge base model called ARISTOTELES which may be used in order to(More)
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