Vivekananda Shetty

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An improved forward chemical genetics approach was successfully demonstrated using a tagged library concept. A small-molecule triazine library with linkers was used to screen for brain/eye developmental phenotypes in a zebrafish embryo system. This approach enabled the rapid isolation of the target proteins by facile affinity matrix preparation and(More)
PURPOSE To increase knowledge of the biochemical composition of lenticular exfoliation material (XFM) by using proteomic approaches. METHODS Anterior lens capsules from patients with and without exfoliation syndrome (XFS) were homogenized in formic acid and subjected to cyanogen bromide (CNBr) cleavage, and the pattern of chemically generated fragments(More)
Cysteine sulfenic acid (Cys-SOH) is an elusive intermediate in reactive oxygen species-induced oxidation reactions of many proteins such as peroxiredoxins and tyrosine phosphatases. Cys-SOH is proposed to play a vital role in catalytic and signaling functions. The formation of cysteine sulfinic acid (Cys-SO(2)H) and cysteine sulfonic acid (Cys-SO(3)H) has(More)
VOLUME 26 NUMBER 2 FEBRUARY 2008 NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY viewed directly in the MMCD interface or downloaded as a tab-delimited file for viewing with spreadsheet software. We have also built a ‘Miscellanea’ search engine that allows users to filter results by the biological species, the type of database to be searched or other criteria. These options allow(More)
We investigated the formation of hydroxyl radical (OH(*)) and H(2)O(2) mediated oxidation products of a synthetic peptide, HCSAGIGRS, which is an active site sequence motif of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B). We determined that a novel cysteine sulfinamide HC[S(O)N]SAGIGRS is produced in the oxidation reaction by Fenton reagents (Fe(+2)/H(2)O(2)) as(More)
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