Vivekananda Maganty

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We have tested the reliability of a large collection of basic UNIX utility programs, X-Window applications and servers, and network services. We used a simple testing method of subjecting these programs to a random input stream. Our testing methods and tools are largely automatic and simple to use. We tested programs on nine versions of the UNIX operating(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of PEST0 (Portable Explorer of Snuctured Objects), a user interface that supports browsing and querying of object databases. PEST0 allows users to navigate the relationships that exist among objects. In addition, users can formulate complex object queries through an integrated query paradigm(More)
13 4 Limitations Even though our framework can capture most OQL queries, there are some serious limitations that we hope to address in a future research. The most important limitations are listed below: 1. record construction in our framework is very limited, namely, there is no choice on attribute names and record attributes are constructed only in the(More)
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