Vivekanand Mishra

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This paper reports the feasibility of synthesis and characterization of One Dimensional nano scale Porous Silicon Photonic Crystals (1D-PSPC) prepared using electrochemical anodization of p-type crystalline silicon wafer by adjusting the current densities. Two structures PSPC1 and PSPC2 with current density 25 and 35mA/cm 2 with 10 minutes of etching time(More)
With the recent development in multimedia communication network, data integrity and security of original content is the area of concern. Video is the one of the most popular object which is being shared easily throughout the media. Video watermarking is the current state of research to resolve the video ownership and authenticity related issues. There is a(More)
Digital video watermarking has drawn the attention towards authentication and proof of ownership. Uncompressed domain watermarking has flourished over the years and related algorithms have been implemented on the software platform. Software watermarking algorithms work offline where videos are captured through device and embedding algorithms run on a PC(More)
Recently, Porous Silicon (PS) is emerged as novel and unique material as a stable nano scale optical sensor device. In this work, one dimensional (1D) Photonic Bandgap (PBG) structures such as single layer (SL), Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) and Microcavity (MC) using PS material are suggested as optical sensor applications. Design and simulations are(More)
Cognitive radio ad-hoc networks (CRAHNs) is used to solve the current problems of inefficiency in the spectrum allocation and used to deploy highly reconfigurable and self organizing wireless networks. Cognitive radio represents an efficient technology since it allows exploiting the unused radio resources. In this context, spectrum sensing plays very(More)
  • Alpesh R Sankaliya, V Mishra, Abhilash Mandloi
  • 2011
— Due to extremely high demand of mobile phones among people, over the years there has been a great demand for the support of various applications and security services. Cryptographic algorithms used by Mobile Subscribers to protect the privacy of their cellular voice and data communication. Ciphering provides the mean to regain control over privacy and(More)