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FSO (free space optical communication) is less costly and use frequency spectrum which is license free. In this paper, to send the electrical signal in the form of optical signal and reconstruct it in electrical signal we will use coherent detection technique. We also used OFDM techniques, which mitigate the consequence of frequency selected fading and the(More)
Digital video watermarking has drawn the attention towards authentication and proof of ownership. Uncompressed domain watermarking has flourished over the years and related algorithms have been implemented on the software platform. Software watermarking algorithms work offline where videos are captured through device and embedding algorithms run on a PC(More)
Watermarking is the process of hiding a predefined pattern or logo into multimedia like image, audio or video in a way that quality and imperceptibility of media is preserved. Predefined pattern or logo represents the identification of the author. In recent years, rapid growth in digital multimedia has been noticed. Digital videos are widely exchanged on(More)
Non-Linear effects in Optical networks are occurred due to the refractive index of the optical transmitting medium depending on the intensity of light. One of the most commonly occurred non-linear effect in optical network is the Self phase modulation (SPM) phenomenon. The impact of self-phase modulation instigates distortions to the optical signal(More)
For the high capacity data transmission, the optical network is emerging towards the Non-Return-Zero (NRZ) and Return-Zero (RZ) modulation formats as both the techniques are cost effective. In this paper RZ and NRZ schemes are considered to analyze the fiber optic communication system at 10 Gbps with different types of lasers at different fiber length. The(More)
Kerr effects are the chief issue responsible for the impediment progress of optical mediation systems in terms of bit rates and long haul mediations. The potential of the extant networks is restricted by the noise factor originate through amplifiers and the matching due to nonlinearities like Cross Phase Modulation (XPM), Self-Phase Modulation (SPM) and(More)
The demand for high speed data transmission is increasing so as to fulfil the demand of high speed the Duo-binary modulation Format is used. Hence this paper deals with the duo binary modulation technique in the optical single channel system at different fibres lengths and data bit rate. While increasing the length and data rate of the transmitter the bit(More)
Transformation is one of the fundamental blocks of many signal processing applications. The Hadamard transform is useful in variety of application including data encryption methods and latest data compression algorithms such as JPEG extended range (JPEG XR), High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) etc. Hadamard transform is multiplier less technique and(More)
With the recent development in multimedia communication network, data integrity and security of original content is the area of concern. Video is the one of the most popular object which is being shared easily throughout the media. Video watermarking is the current state of research to resolve the video ownership and authenticity related issues. There is a(More)