Viveka Adelswärd

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The ambiguities of risk which stem from its translation from epidemiological findings into clinical knowledge and practice and thus to lay experiences of health and illness is a clear dilemma. How are risks expressed statistically, or otherwise mathematically, to be interpreted and communicated within the discourse of medico-science, and how within the(More)
The possibility of making scientifically objective statements about health risks is part of a new complex of ideas pervading our Western social institutions. The concept of prevention includes an assessment of risk and dangers which lay persons have difficulties in comprehending. Advances in medical technology have made it possible to detect a growing(More)
In face-to-face conversation, participants often give the floor, or the voice, to nonpresent participants – virtual participants. These are made present in the conversation by actual speakers quoting them, voicing them or referring to their opinions. In this paper, we examine instances of such virtual talk. Data are drawn from focus group discussions and(More)
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