Vivek Sundararaman

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In this paper we present a repeater block planning algorithm for interconnect-centric floorplanning. We introduce the concept of independent feasible regions for repeaters and derive an analytical formula for their computation. We develop a routability-driven repeater clustering algorithm to perform repeater block planning based on iterative deletion. The(More)
We investigate a suite of recommendation algorithms for audio news listening applications. This domain presents several challenges that distinguish it from more commonly studied applications such as movie recommendations: (1) we do not receive explicit rating feedback, instead only observing when a user skips a story; (2) new stories arrive continuously,(More)
Clones of Paramecium tetraurelia undergoing cellular aging were exposed to two antisera, anti-32 and anti-25, raised against surface antigen isolated from cells grown at 32 degrees C or 25 degrees C. When young clones were exposed to the two antisera about 50% were immobilized by anti-32 while others were not immobilized by either antisera. These clones(More)
Electron microscopic examination of aging P. aurelia showed that the macronucleus undergoes characteristic structural changes. The surface of the aging macronucleus was highly invaginated. Compared with young macronuclei, the chromatin bodies appeared to be smaller and condensed, and were fewer per unit area of the aging macronucleus. The nucleolar bodies(More)
The effect of emetine, an inhibitor of cellular protein synthesis, on young and old cell lines of Paramecium aurelia was studied. Emetine treatment resulted in the accumulation of ribosomal aggregates in the form of helices or rosettes. In treated young cells, large patches of endoplasmic reticulum with clusters of ribosomes were frequently observed. These(More)
Electron microscopical examination of aging P. aurelia revealed that definitive changes occur in the cytoplasm of old cells. There was an increase in the number of mitochondria and lysosomal bodies as well as the appearance of large dense bodies and autophagous vacuoles. The mitochondria were altered morphologically and many appeared to be coalesced with(More)
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