Vivek Sukumar

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AIM To evaluate whether computed tomography (CT) of the renal tract in suspected renal colic using reduced exposure factors maintains diagnostic accuracy. METHODS Prospective multi-centre cohort study. Patients with suspected renal colic were examined using computed tomography (CT) of the renal tract followed by intravenous urography (IVU) in four(More)
Eccrine carcinomas are very rare, comprising only less than 0.005 % of all cutaneous carcinomas, as reported by Goellner et al. (Cancer 56:1147-1162, 1985). We are reporting a case of recurrent eccrine porocarcinoma (EPC) with regional lymph nodal metastasis, which arose on a Bowen's disease patch. Wide local excision of the lesion with lymph node(More)
BACKGROUND In the modern era, the major cause of gastric outlet obstruction (GOO) is known to be a malignancy, especially in the developed world. Many books and articles do suggest that the benign causes continue to be the major cause of GOO in the developing world however, there is growing evidence proving the contrary. Males were (more commonly) affected(More)
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