Vivek Singh Kushwah

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Use of discontinuities in ground planes or in micro strip lines is currently employed to improve the performance of different passive circuits. It includes size reduction of amplifiers, enhancement of filter characteristics and applications to suppress harmonics in patch antennas. This paper presents an improved method of size reduction of a micro strip(More)
This paper presents the general design of microstrip antennas using artificial neural networks for rectangular patch geometry. The design consists of synthesis in the forward side and then analyzed as the reverse side of the problem. In this work, the neural network is employed as a tool in design of microstrip antennas. The Neural network Training(More)
In this paper, the design of compact size Micro strip patch antenna is presented at resonant frequency 2 GHz using defected micro strip structure which has various wireless communication applications. The antenna is constructed using micro strip feed line technique and fabricated using dielectric FR4 substrate which has dimensions of (35.4 mm×45.6(More)
Microstrip antenna and filter co-design is presented on same ground plane to reduce size, insertion loss and other losses due to cables and connectors used for interconnecting both components. The new design is based on two notch design for Antenna and hairpin design of filter. The simulated results are showing improvement in bandwidth and efficiency.
This paper presents the design and analysis of folded open stub impedance Micro strip Low-pass filters at cutoff frequency 1.4 GHz which gives insertion loss (S21) of -3. 413 dB and return loss of-2.571 dB at cut-off point. Design with making by the micro strip technology, it becomes more practical and widely used in modern Microwave circuits. This filter(More)
In this paper a design technique for a Stepped impedance Micro strip Low-pass filters is presented by using the artificial neural network (ANN) modeling method. Required dimensions of the micro strip filter layout are used to get the input-output relationships in the ANN model. This paper presents the design and analysis of Stepped impedance Micro strip(More)
In this paper, a micro strip low pass filter has been designed having circular shaped defects on ground structure (DGS). For obtaining the proposed defected ground structure, two circular shaped defected ground structure are connected by slot in the ground plane and three such defects are used for obtaining the design. The cut-off frequency of the designed(More)
Filters play an important role in many RF/Microwave applications [1] and are used to select or confine the RF/microwave signals within assigned spectral limits. Emerging applications such as wireless communications continue to challenge RF/microwave filters with ever more stringent requirements like higher performance, smaller size, lighter weight, and(More)
In advanced communication systems, the filters play an important role in terms of selectivity and rejection of the unwanted signals. In microwave frequency applications the design of filter is difficult as lumped components cannot be used in this range of frequency. Microstrip filters are always chosen over the lumped filters at greater frequency for their(More)