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X10: an object-oriented approach to non-uniform cluster computing
It is now well established that the device scaling predicted by Moore's Law is no longer a viable option for increasing the clock frequency of future uniprocessor systems at the rate that had beenExpand
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The Jalapeño virtual machine
Jalapeno is a virtual machine for JavaTM servers written in the Java language. To be able to address the requirements of servers (performance and scalability in particular), Jalapeno was designedExpand
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ABCD: eliminating array bounds checks on demand
To guarantee typesafe execution, Java and other strongly typed languages require bounds checking of array accesses. Because array-bounds checks may raise exceptions, they block code motion ofExpand
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The Jikes Research Virtual Machine project: Building an open-source research community
This paper describes the evolution of the JikesTM Research Virtual Machine project from an IBM internal research project, called Jalapeno, into an open-source project. After summarizing the originalExpand
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Baring It All to Software: Raw Machines
The most radical of the architectures that appear in this issue are Raw processors-highly parallel architectures with hundreds of very simple processors coupled to a small portion of the on-chipExpand
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Partitioning and scheduling parallel programs for execution on multiprocessors
There are three fundamental problems to be solved in the execution of a parallel program on a multiprocessor--identifying the parallelism in the program, partitioning the program into tasks andExpand
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Partitioning and scheduling programs for multiprocessors
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Partitioning and Scheduling Parallel Programs for Multiprocessing
From the Publisher: This book is one of the first to address the problem of forming useful parallelism from potential parallelism and to provide a general solution. The book presents two approachesExpand
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Efficient and precise datarace detection for multithreaded object-oriented programs
We present a novel approach to dynamic datarace detection for multithreaded object-oriented programs. Past techniques for on-the-fly datarace detection either sacrificed precision for performance,Expand
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Linear scan register allocation
We describe a new algorithm for fast global register allocation called linear scan. This algorithm is not based on graph coloring, but allocates registers to variables in a single linear-time scan ofExpand
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