Vivek Raveendran

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The use of a smart transformer-based electrical distribution could be an effective approach to reorganizing the electric grid and solving the problems and challenges of distributed generation systems and active loads. While lower efficiency and higher cost compared with the conventional transformer are well known and investigated limiting factors, the(More)
For Smart Transformers (ST), reliability is one of the major problems when compared to the traditional low-frequency transformers. Modular ST with advanced control algorithms could increase the reliability compared to the non-modular solutions. This could be achieved by distributing differently the power among the cells depending on their aging. This(More)
Advanced packaging technologies in Wide band gap devices like GaN avoid wire bonds thereby making the solder joints more susceptible to thermo-mechanical fatigue. To limit the thermal cycling induced failures, an active thermal control scheme using a two step gate driver for a buck converter is presented in this paper. In contrast to the active thermal(More)
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