Vivek Ramachandran

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State of the art passive devices have been developed for optimum RF circuit performance. These devices include a hyperabrupt junction varactor with tunability (Cmax/Cmin) of 3.3, an accumulation mode MOS varactor, high capacitance nitride metal-insulator-metal capacitors, a BEOL TaN resistor and very high Q inductors with a peak Q of 28 at 3.5 GHz. VCO(More)
Integration of low-cost and high performance passive capacitors into existing silicon CMOS technologies is essential for analog and radio frequency (RF) IC applications. Recently, BEOL vertical natural capacitors (VNCAP) with stacked via-comb structures have emerged as an attractive option due to their low-cost, high density, and highly symmetric(More)
A common platform technology at 65 nm is described. The platform consists of a low-power CMOS base technology with a broad menu of optional features including high- performance passive devices, standard cell libraries, SRAM compilers and a process design kit enabling custom design. These elements enable competitive leadership technology for ASICs and(More)
Local Area Network (LAN) based attacks are due to compromised hosts in the network and mainly involve spoofing with falsified IP-MAC pairs. Since Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a stateless protocol such attacks are possible. Several schemes have been proposed in the literature to circumvent these attacks, however, these techniques either make IP-MAC(More)
Solid State Transformer (SST) average models are needed to enable system and protection studies. This paper focuses on fine tuning existing average models to replicate their switching counterparts and also discusses and validates control modifications required for successful grid integration. A 3 phase test system comprised of Substation SSTs and load SSTs(More)
This paper presents a novel Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile wireless testbed for streaming multimedia Quality of Experience (QoE) experimentation. The software-radio based design of the testbed provides an extremely flexible architecture which offers detailed insights into all elements of the entire LTE network protocol stack from physical to application(More)
IBM Microelectronics Division, Essex Junction, VT, *Ericsson Mobile Platforms AB, Nya Vattentornet, SE-221 83 Lund, Sweden, **IBM Microelectronics Division, East Fishkill, NY We present for the first time a fully-manufacturable 0.5μm/3.3V SiGe BiCMOS technology that supports multiple mode (GSM/ PCS/ WCDMA) power(More)
We examine the flexural deformation and snap-through instability of a pre-buckled ferroelastomer beam. The beam is composed of ferromagnetic and electrically conductive microparticles suspended in a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) matrix. Bending and snapthrough are controlled remotely with an external magnetic field. The observed magnetoflexural coupling is in(More)