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An overview of business intelligence technology
BI technologies are essential to running today's businesses and this technology is going through sea changes.
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Automated Selection of Materialized Views and Indexes in SQL Databases
Automatically selecting an appropriate set of materialized views and indexes for SQL databases is a non-trivial task. A judicious choice must be cost-driven and influenced by the workload experiencedExpand
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An Efficient Cost-Driven Index Selection Tool for Microsoft SQL Server
In this paper we describe novel techniques that make it possible to build an industrial-strength tool for automating the choice of indexes in the physical design of a SQL database. The tool takes asExpand
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Integrating vertical and horizontal partitioning into automated physical database design
In addition to indexes and materialized views, horizontal and vertical partitioning are important aspects of physical design in a relational database system that significantly impact performance.Expand
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Optimized stratified sampling for approximate query processing
The ability to approximately answer aggregation queries accurately and efficiently is of great benefit for decision support and data mining tools. In contrast to previous sampling-based studies, weExpand
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On random sampling over joins
A major bottleneck in implementing sampling as a primitive relational operation is the inefficiency of sampling the output of a query. It is not even known whether it is possible to generate a sampleExpand
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Self-Tuning Database Systems: A Decade of Progress
In this paper we discuss advances in self-tuning database systems over the past decade, based on our experience in the AutoAdmin project at Microsoft Research. This paper primarily focuses on theExpand
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Towards estimation error guarantees for distinct values
We consider the problem of estimating the number of distinct values in a column of a table. For large tables without an index on the column, random sampling appears to be the only scalable approachExpand
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Database Tuning Advisor for Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Publisher Summary This chapter provides an overview of Database Tuning Advisor's (DTA's) novel functionality, the rationale for its architecture, and demonstrates DTA's quality and scalability onExpand
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Overcoming limitations of sampling for aggregation queries
Studies the problem of approximately answering aggregation queries using sampling. We observe that uniform sampling performs poorly when the distribution of the aggregated attribute is skewed. ToExpand
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