Vivek Padmanaabhan Indra Mohan

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Using a promoter trap, we have identified 56 Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes preferentially expressed in the mouse lung. Quantitative real-time PCR showed that RNA levels of several genes were higher from bacteria growing in mouse lungs than from broth cultures. These results support the current hypothesis that Mycobacterium tuberculosis utilizes fatty(More)
INTRODUCTION Ataxia telangiectasia mutated and Rad3 Related (ATR) protein kinase is a key sensor of single-stranded DNA associated with stalled replication forks and repair intermediates generated during DNA repair. XRCC1 is a critical enzyme in single strand break repair and base excision repair. XRCC1-LIG3 complex is also an important contributor to the(More)
BACKGROUND Reduction of gross diarrhea rate in excess of that seen over time with intravenous therapy and appropriate antibiotics is not usually achieved by oral glucose-electrolyte rehydration therapy for cholera and cholera-like diarrheas. METHODOLOGY AND PRINCIPAL FINDINGS This prospective randomized clinical trial at a tertiary referral hospital in(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE With younger patients seeking reconstructions and the activity-based demands placed on the arthroplasty construct, consideration of the role that implant characteristics play in arthroplasty longevity is warranted. We therefore evaluated the risk of early revision for a monoblock all-polyethylene tibial component compared to a(More)
An indigenous bacterium, Bacillus REP02, was isolated from locally sourced chromium electroplating industrial effluents. Response surface methodology was employed to optimize the five critical medium parameters responsible for higher % Cr(2+) removal by the bacterium Bacillus REP02. A three-level Box-Behnken factorial design was used to optimize K2HPO4,(More)
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