Vivek Notani

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We present an automated method for extracting familial signatures for Android malware, i.e., signatures that identify malware produced by piggybacking potentially different benign applications with the same (or similar) malicious code. The APK classes that constitute malware code in a repackaged application are separated from the benign code and the Android(More)
Malware code has forensic value, as evident from recent studies drawing relationships between creators of Duqu and Stuxnet through similarity of their code. We present FuncTracker, a system developed on top of Palantir, to discover, visualize, and explore relationships between malware code, with the intent of drawing connections over very large corpi of(More)
Even though design of a widening operator is an integral step in the design of an abstract interpreter using an infinite domain, not much work has been done to systematize the design of widening operator. While there exist works that derive widening of higher-level domains by lifting the widening of the base-level domain, the design of widening for(More)
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