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In the established model of mammalian cell cycle control, the retinoblastoma protein (Rb) functions to restrict cells from entering S phase by binding and sequestering E2f activators (E2f1, E2f2 and E2f3), which are invariably portrayed as the ultimate effectors of a transcriptional program that commit cells to enter and progress through S phase. Using a(More)
Teaching has always been a face to face interaction and hence requires physical presence of both teacher and the student. Teleteaching has been a revolution since it introduces teaching to geographic independence hence is a distributed system. Teleteaching as in any collaborative environment is very difficult to design. Before any implementation we need to(More)
Despite the huge spread and economical importance of configurable software systems, there is unsatisfactory support in utilizing the full potential of these systems with respect to finding performance-optimal configurations. Prior work on predicting the performance of software configurations suffered from either (a) requiring far too many sample(More)
—Increasingly, SE researchers use search-based optimization techniques to solve SE problems with multiple conflicting objectives. These techniques often apply CPU-intensive evolutionary algorithms to explore generations of mutations to a population of candidate solutions. An alternative approach, proposed in this paper, is to start with a very large(More)
Context: One of the black arts of data mining is learning the magic parameters that control the learners. In software analytics, at least for defect prediction, several methods, like grid search and differential evolution(DE), have been proposed to learn those parameters. They've been proved to be able to improve learner performance. Objective: We want to(More)
Context: Evolutionary algorithms typically require large number of evaluations (of solutions) to reach their conclusions – which can be very slow and expensive to evaluate. Objective: To solve search-based SE problems, using fewer evaluations than evolutionary methods. Method: Instead of mutating a small population, we build a very large initial population(More)
Finding the optimally performing connguration of a sooware system for a given seeing is ooen challenging. Recent approaches address this challenge by learning performance models based on a sample set of conngurations. However, building an accurate performance model can be very expensive (and is ooen infeasible in practice). e central insight of this paper(More)
The use of assistive technology has been found to enhance the educational experience of disabled students and improve their learning outcomes. BLOCKINIn low-income countries, however, finding inexpensive and sustainable assistive technology is a challenge. This report outlines key findings pertaining to a comprehensive BLOCKINneeds BLOCKINassessment(More)
  • Madeleine Clute, Madelyn Gioffre, +9 authors Beatrice Dias
  • 2016
Acknowledgements We extend sincere and heartfelt gratitude to our partner, the Mathru Educational Trust for the Blind for mentoring and advising us throughout the duration of the iSTEP research internship. The authors would especially like to thank Ms. Muktha for giving us the opportunity to work with the Mathru School for the Blind. To all the students,(More)